Thursday, May 17, 2012

More Free Stuff

Well, I must be doing something right at the moment. Today I have scored 2 lots of free stuff so I'm feeling pretty good. My friend over at Winging it Mum calls them Thrifty Thursdays and I certainly had one today.

I had to go to Spotlight today as I needed to get a some sewing supplies and pick up a few things for B's birthday party next month. They are having a special at the moment where if you spend $100 you get $40 off your purchase. By the time my things were totalled up it was over $100 so I scored my $40 off. This was all stuff I needed so I didn't buy any more things than I would have without the special. Win!

This afternoon I got a visit from Aussie Farmers doing a door knock to check if I was happy with their service. I have been getting my fruit and vegetables and other products from them for about 3 years now and I love the convenience of having it delivered to my door. I answered her questions in less than 5 minutes and at the end she gave me a $40 gift voucher for Quickflix! Another win!

So on my Thrifty Thursday I have scored $80 of free stuff and I'm must admit it's making me pretty happy.

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